Nightingale -sketch-

Nightingale sketch

I feel like I should post some more WIPs for now. In relation to my previous post, this is a sketch of Charles and a white bengal tiger called Nightingale, who will play a big part in the story. Nightingale is usually very aggressive towards humans but she has developed a connection to Charles so he is one of the only people who can get close to her.

I have a very quickly coloured version on DeviantART but I preferred the original sketch. Tomorrow I will outline and hopefully colour this properly but since Infitia is a black and white comic, I’m not really sure which direction to go…

In a maze called Life

Recently I have been working rather hard to learn new things and to get into the right mindset when I get back into university so I apologise for not posting as much. The charity has also been a little more demanding than usual since the rebranding and I’ve been flicking through lots of graphic design books, indexing everything of interest so I can use some of the ideas later. All the mistakes I’ve made in the past year, I’m trying very hard to correct them, and I am still working on things for my portfolio at the same time.

In the meantime, I’ve made a plan for the test chapter of Infitia. The story is based around a travelling circus but I can’t go into more detail than that because the story still needs heavy improvement. This is a sketch I’ve made that will hopefully be the cover page for the chapter though, made with a ballpoint pen. It’s a little rough because I didn’t sketch it out in pencil first and inspired by a poster I saw in a book about typography (I will reference later).

photo 6

I’ve never made a motion book before so this will be challenging. For those of you who don’t know, I started a project called Infitia about 2 years ago but due to college/university and general laziness, it’s far from complete. I will be planning the panels and making assets in the next few weeks and will put it together (hopefully!) when I go back to university.

Thank You!

boy small

This is my mascot and his pet star; I will be putting right this at the end of my website as a little thank you when it’s complete. I’m still not as proficient in Illustrator as I’d like to be but I think I’m getting better at vector art. This took about 5 hours because I was still trying to work out textures and experimenting a little. I might tweak it a little later.

I wanted to create mascots which represented myself and my interests. I love astronomy and the Victorian era so naturally I would try combining the two whilst making something cute as well. I’ve created a few different clothing designs for the boy so maybe I’ll have different ones scattered around my website and the star has a little heart on the left side (its left) of its body but it’s covered by the boy’s scarf. I think I might call the boy Fermi as I have a strong interest in the so-called Fermi Paradox but I’m still undecided. Maybe I’ll go with a more traditional Victorian name such as Edward or Louis….

As my little babies, you guys will be seeing more of these 2 in the future around my blog! I’m currently creating a new header and background which will replace my current one as I am not as into black and white painting as I used to be; I think there’s a high chance these 2 will be in them.

A few things

I will most likely delete this post later but I just want to let you guys know what is going on right now!

Firstly, my charity is going through a huge rebranding so I will apparently be given a brand book at the end of the week to read through and then tasks to do early next week. Because it’s the summer, I have plenty of time so I doubt this will affect my personal work and drawings in any way. but I’m rather excited to see how the charity will grow from today or what kind of work I’ll be given!

Next is my website. Because I still have little knowledge of web design and coding, it’s progressing very slowly. However, I’ve decided that my first priority is actually making artwork for my portfolio so I will do the actual website design and coding last. I’ve created a new logo and mascot and everything so hopefully I’ll be able to post those soon! Of course, this means that there will be a lot of changes to my blog. The personal anime art will still come but I’ll be mostly posting my inspirations and professional illustrations to go with the blog as well. My header and background will also need to be changed; due to things which have been happening since I made this blog, I no longer paint as many black and white pieces as I did before. This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue painting black and white or that I’m abandoning anime art, I am just making room for more work more suitable for a professional portfolio.

Finally, a little bit about my personal life. I actually don’t have a clue about what I want to do when I am older because I want to do everything. Ever since I was young, the world interested me. Sure, I love drawing but now I am doubting whether the creative journey is the right path for me to take. The list of things I wanted to be as a child is endless: I wanted to become an astronaut and work for NASA, I’ve wanted to be a palaeontologist, an astrophysicist, an animator, an artist, an engineer, and now I want to become a web designer and developer alongside my graphic design and illustration passions. The world is so confusing and I still don’t know which path I should take… but for now, I’m just going to continue with my website interests and hopefully I can make a career out of it. I’m still only a beginner after all, I can barely code my own website but with time, I’m hoping.

Anyway, I will try and work even harder with the time I have left over the summer. I admit I have been a little lazy these past few weeks and now that I realise it’s almost August and I’ll be off to uni again soon, I need to make use of what time I have left. Hopefully in my next blog entry, I will be posting some personal branding and artwork, plus a design proposal and plan for my website.

Inspiration: Dreamergo


It has been quite a while since I have made an inspiration entry so here is my next artist!

Unless you are Chinese, it is extremely unlikely you have heard one of the most successful Chinese illustrators. Going by the name Dreamergo is an freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong. His work is rather vibrant with low-saturation colours and heavy contrast; what makes him so successful is the fact that all audiences young and old can enjoy his work. Funnily enough I encountered one of his works, not in the style you see above, but an anime-like book cover which he designed. I followed the website printed on the book and was amazed at how cute his actual style was compared to the book cover he made!


He says his main influences are dreams and his childhood. Since a young age he has been drawing and has never stopped since, even giving up a rather well-paid job designing for a studio to pursue his own dream of illustrating full-time. A common theme amongst his huge portfolio is nature often drawing children interacting with animals and plants. A lot of the times things which are completely inanimate, such as the cloud and star in the illustrations above, have been given cute expressions and even blushes, adding a whole new level of adorableness!


Because his work is rather sketchy, he attends many schools and conventions where will do demonstrations for free or make hundreds of sketch commissions at conventions. The sketchiness makes his style appear more innocent and child-like, whilst the slightly dull colours and soft brown overlay make gives it a vintage look which brings to light his childhood memories.

Dreamergo is one of my favourite illustrators and has inspired so many of my works, it is a surprise I haven’t featured him before! I completely recommend looking him up on Google or browsing through his facebook page because his work is really worth looking into.


Manchester Comic Con (20/07/2014)

Today I had the privilege to attend the Manchester Comic Con. My auntie drove me up to Manchester along with my cousin and her friend both in cosplay, and my younger cousin too.

We queued rather early, from 9:30am till about 11:10 when we got in. As soon as we got in, we decided to scatter so we can all look at our own things at our own pace. One of the first things I noticed was a stall selling a lot of cute merchandise such as stickers and notebooks so I spent a bit of money there, then I went to Tofu Cute and bought some candy! Funnily enough, I didn’t bring that much money so I had to run around to find a cashpoint.

I think one of the highlights of the day is the photo below. For those of you who don’t know, that is a photo of me with Ashens and Chef Excellence (Stuart and Dan).  Me and my friend Alex are huge fans of Ashens and when I saw this stall, I couldn’t resist the urge to giggle with laughter. Even more so, when I saw THE Stuart Ashen there to sign the posters and DVDs, I was so nervous that it took some courage to queue up to meet him. I remember my hands were shaking and I had the derpiest photo ever taken with both of them (and I’m not even looking at the camera), with the GameChild of course! I’m usually extremely camera shy and you’d have to sneakily take photos of me if you wanted one so this is really something. I bought 2 copies of the DVD, Ashens and Dan even left a lovely message for my friend who couldn’t make it~

photo 1 photo 2

After that, I pretty much called one of my second cousins Morris to meet up. We went around most of the stalls at least 3-4 times to make sure we saw everything and we bought A LOT of stuff! When we asked each other whether we should buy something, we pretty much said “YES” every time and we still had regrets about either not buying something we wanted or not buying MORE of what we bought already! This is all the stuff I bought on the day

photo 3

After that, we pretty much just went out to eat with my aunt’s husband’s side of the family. It was nice, I ate a lot of food and I’m happy to have gotten to know the people in my (distant) family a bit more. I couldn’t take any photos of the dinner we had because my phone had completely ran out of battery at that point though.

Overall I really enjoyed the comic con and really look forward to going back again. Due to uni and having no money, I haven’t been to a comic con in a very long time but I definitely plan on going to more in the future.


This is a quick drawing I made for a contest on DeviantART.

I haven’t drawn something with a scene for a while now, I’m pretty glad it came out okay! This piece was inspired by the song Eden by Aqua Timez. It’s one of my favourite songs and for some reason I thought of this drawing whilst listening to it. I tried to play with the lighting and colours a bit, I might touch it up before the contest ends though. I think this took me roughly 5 hours to draw today, from sketch to finish.